Personal Touches April 02 2013


Are you the girl who monograms literally everything you own? 

Or do you love wearing your monogram, but get tired of wearing the same piece of jewelry everyday? 

The monogram collection is the perfect collection for either of the above, and for any other girl who just loves to wear her monogram.  

Our collection of monogram pieces offers a wide variety of colors, fonts and even jewelry type. If your outfit calls for a bear neck, but you love your monogram, a ring or bracelet is a great replacement! 

These simple, elegant, and fun monograms can be layered with statements, worn alone, or act as a pop of color to any outfit. 

They also make great gifts for weddings, graduations, and birthdays. 

Look on our home page to see more of our options and stay tuned for specials and giveaways on our Facebook page! 


Glam Girls