Happy Spring Arm Party February 26 2013


Spring time is almost here! With the last few days of February in our sights it's time to transition the wardrobes, ladies. 

These spring time pastels will be great for March and April. Soften the look by pairing them together, or add different pieces from your 

collection to rock out the wrap bracelet. The cross frenzy has come, and it is here to stay. It is such an iconic and classic 

symbol for jewelry, so these will be hard to take off once you've put them on. 

They will be available Wednesday morning Feb. 27 at our Facebook auction page where you can join the fun with us Monday nights at 

7:30 PM CST and Wednesday mornings at 11 AM CST. 

We want to know what your favorite spring '13 trends are, and how your jewelry reflects them! 

Now go get to Grabbing!


The Glam Girls