Behind the Scenes: Glam Grab Photoshoot Balloon-gate from our model, Mia October 30 2012

 Behind the Scenes: Glam Grab Make-it-Mint Photo Shoot 


Beautiful, crisp early autumn, decked out in glam and larger-than-life balloons... just another day in downtown Dallas! I was preparing to model some of our newest jewelry and had even recruited one of my good friends to take part in the shoot with me. We wanted some extra pop for our photos, and decided on these giant baby blue balloons! You think that getting them to fit into my car and driving to the shoot with them was the most difficult (and probably dangerous) part of the process, but I proved myself wrong when I was given the responsibility of holding onto them to making sure they didn't fly away... Of course, with my luck, the balloons let themselves loose in the wind after just a few shots. The only good thing that came from this was the collection of pictures of my reaction... enjoy! xoxo Mia 

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