Glam for the Holidays + New Year's Eve December 15 2013

Glam Girls,

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Have you received lots of party and event invitations? Stick with me and I'll show you how to pick out the best hairstyle, makeup, and a dress you feel fantastic in.


Step 1: Choose your dress or outfit: If it is in your closet, dryclean it. If you don't have what you want to wear, hop on Rent the Runway to select a dress and have it delivered before your event. It's that easy.


Step 2:  Hair: Book your blowout or updo appointment. Even better: ask a girlfriend who is great at hair to come over and curl yours.


Step 3: Makeup: Select your makeup style ahead of time. Some of the blow dry bars even through in faux lashes, or custom eye-makeup as an add on to your hairstyle package. A friend of mine likes to go to the makeup counters at the department store and purchase a lipstick or eyeliner in exchange for having a mini-makeover.


Step 4: Bring on the bling: Time to rock that statement necklace or earrings and show off your latest Glam Grab loot. If you don't have what you are looking for check us out on Monday evenings and Wednesday lunchtime for our flash sales or shop our website!


Step 5: Have an amazing time looking fabulous! Tweet us your glam look @GlamGrab 

(photo credit: the movie The Great Gatsby)




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